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Sam Baugh

Running became an unexpected passion for me 12 years ago. I started to lose weight and it became my stress relief, my social outlet and a great way to speed time with my wife. Over the years I challenged myself to many goals including all running distances.


Then I found myself helping at running events and in 2019 had the opportunity to take over Reno 5000 which became Reno Races. Since then I have acquired other events including the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon. I enjoy putting on these events and providing a fun event for the community. 

Olivia Baugh

Running is a great venture for me. I was never considered an athletic individual and would shy away from most sports simply due to my own inexperience. However, when I graduated college, I decided to get into better shape and a friend offered to take me running. It became easier and more fun as I continued to run. My husband and son would run with me and now most of my friends are also runners. 


Joining Reno Races with my husband, the founder, has been a great way to expand my running knowledge and share all the great things I get from running with the rest of the community. 

Naomi Gentle

Semi -Tiger Mom gone Triathlon Ironmom.   Born in Japan, raised in So Cal, developed moving across the U.S. in adulthood, and loving setting roots in Reno, NV.

Reno has been such a welcoming and wonderful community to continuously improve my athletic goals and I'd like to help share the joy of physical training and racing.  I am thrilled to join the Reno Races Team to help create fun and welcoming race events catered to all types of walkers, joggers, and runners.

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